[Premium DIY] Simple Wall Hanging

We often look at all those aesthetic wall decors and wish we had similar elements at our own home. But did you know they are extremely easy to make? Using only materials that can be easily found, you can make this pretty decor for own room.

What you will need:

  • Large beads
  • Yarn of different colors including white or gray
  • A medium sized branch
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1:

Cut a white ball of yarn into various long lengths, making sure there are 2 pieces of each length.

Step 2:

Take one bundle of colored yarn and start wrapping it around your middle three fingers. Once the whole wrapped part is as thick as you would like the tassel to be, cut the end.

Source: https://leelahloves.de/

Step 3:

Now take one of the white yarn piece and pass it through the gap of the wrapped yarn, between the index and middle finger.

Step 4:

Then use another small piece of yarn to tie the wrapped yarn right above the bottom two fingers, below the white yarn piece. Make sure to make the tie as tight as possible.

Step 5:

Now remove the entire thing from your fingers and cut the bottom loops to create the final tassel.

Source: https://leelahloves.de/

Step 6:

Adjust the white yarn to make the edges meet. Loop a large bead through it so that the folded piece of yarn becomes fastened together.

Source: https://myweeabode.com/

Step 7:

Repeat this process for however many strands you would like.

Step 8:

One by one, tie the ends of all the white yarns to different parts of the branch. You could arrange them in a way so that the shorter strings are at the ends and longer ones in the middle. Glue the ends onto themselves to fix it in place.

Step 9:

Tie to pieces of strings to form loops at either ends of the branch to make it easier to hang.

Source: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlushFiberCraftCo?ref=nla_listing_details

Now you have an amazing looking wall hanging, made for you, by you.