[Premium DIY] Plastic bottle woven basket

If you have ever wanted to make a woven basket but gave up because it seemed too difficult, this craft is made for you! While using the plastic bottle helps with recycling, it also makes a perfect base for the weave. The result also covers the plastic part very well and makes it look like a smaller version of a basket. So, it will definitely leave everyone wondering how you could have possibly made it out of a bottle.

What you will need:

  • A plastic bottle
  • Jute rope or any other rope
  • Scissors
  • Lace

Step 1:

Cut the bottle in half. Then make vertical cuts along the sides to create several strips that are still attached to the bottom of the bottle. Make around 7 to 9 cuts.

Step 2:

Take the rope and tie it around one of the strips.

Source: https://weibo.com/aishougong

Step 3:

Take the rope behind the next strip and over the next one.

Step 4:

Keep taking the rope under and over the following strips as well. Adjust the tightness of the rope to fix the angle of the strands to your liking. When you reach the first strip, simply place the rope over the previous loop and continue with the weaving.

Source: https://weibo.com/aishougong

Step 5:

Continue doing the previous steps until you reach the top. At the end of the weaving, tie the rope onto itself and cut the end.

Step 6:

For the bottom portion, take the lace and cut a long strip of it. Take the piece of lace and tie it around the bottom portion of the bottle to hide the plastic. Take the ends and tie it into a bow for a cute finish.

Source: https://weibo.com/aishougong

And there you have it! A woven basket that is made up of a plastic bottle!

Source: https://weibo.com/aishougong