[Premium DIY] Ice Cream Planter Pot

This is one of the simpler DIYs that are so incredibly easy to make. And since this is so easy, it can be a great painting activity to do with friends or family members. And of course, in the end you end up with adorable planter pots that look like ice cream cones. So grab your paints and pots and let’s get started!

What you will need:

  • A planter pot
  • Different colored paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Brown or black markers

Step 1:

Take a color resembling any ice cream color like pink or mint. Along the centre of the pot draw a looped irregular wavy line. Make sure to draw varying sizes of curves to create a “dripping” ice cream effect.

Step 2:

Take the marker and draw diagonal lines in two different directions so that they become crisscrossing lines below the colored portion. This is to give the waffle cone its texture.

Additionally, you could also color to create gradients within the boxes but that is totally optional.

Source: https://freshmommyblog.com/

Step 3:

Paint with the same color used to paint the line to fill the portion above it. Let it dry.

Step 4: (optional)

Using a thinner brush, paint small dashes and/or dots on top of the top portion to make up the sprinkles. For this you could use a single color or a combination of colors depending on your preference.

You could even use markers for this step.

Source: https://freshmommyblog.com/

Can you believe that is it? You have just made a cute ice cream pot. Now all that has is left to do is to pot an equally pretty plant inside!

Source: https://freshmommyblog.com/