[Premium DIY] Beautiful photo frame

If you have ever had birthday parties or any kind of celebrations where you wanted to display many photos in frames but did not want to spend a lot on the frames, this DIY is what you need. Since it is simple and uses things you probably already have a home, it is definitely the go to for making multiples.

What you will need:

  • Papers (in colors you want the frames to be)
  • Wooden skewers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Photos

Step 1:

Take the papers and cut it into equal sized strips. The size of the strips could be larger or smaller depending on the size you want the frames to be.

Step 2:

Roll a strip of paper around one of the wooden skewers to form a ‘pipe’ like shape. Glue the edges of the paper to hold the shape.

Source: https://www.craftsbyria.com/

Step 3:

Repeat the previous step with as many strips of paper as you want for the frames.

Source: https://www.craftsbyria.com/

Step 4:

Once all the ‘pipes’ have been made, arrange them around the photos in the shape you want them to be. Feel free to put them beside, as well as on top of, each other.

Source: https://www.craftsbyria.com/

Step 5:

When you are happy with the arrangement, glue them in place.

It is better to use a stronger glue for this instead of the one used to create the rolls.

Step 6: (optional)

Add any accessories if you feel like it needs an extra touch.

Source: https://www.craftsbyria.com/

And you are done! Go ahead and make different variations of this to create a unique set of photo frames!